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gpboxing_elite_michael_farenasMichael “Hammer Fist” Farenas (born June 10, 1984 in Sorsogon, Philippines), is a Filipino professional boxer. Born in Sorsogon, Farenas currently resides in Paranaque, Philippines where he trains in the Doña Soledad branch of the Gerry Peñalosa Boxing Gym.  He is a protégé of former world two division champion Gerry Peñalosa. A hard hitting southpaw, Farenas is known for his aggressive style and his powerful punches. More on Michael?

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Dave Peñalosa and Dodie Boy Peñalosa Jr., Like their famous predecessors (Dodie Boy Peñalosa and Gerry Peñalosa), both Peñalosa brothers fight out of the southpaw stance. Both grew up in Cebu City and compete in the featherweight division and are naturally larger than the previous generations of fighters, improving their chances of generating interest abroad.. More on Dave and Dodie Boy Jr.?

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Eden Sonsona (born December 27, 1988), is a Filipino professional boxer. He is the cousin of fellow boxer Marvin Sonsona. Sonsona began his professional career on December 30, 2005, with a unanimous decision win over Brian Vicera. He won the vacant Philippines Games & Amusement Board (GAB) bantamweight title on December 12, 2009, knocking out Monico Laurente in the first round. More on Eden?

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